Never thought I would say that Title Sentence.  But I digress…

What a better place to celebrate the 4th of July than in the heartland of America.  Nebraska, Baby!

We set the day aside to chill at Lake McConaughy, a huge lake in the middle of Nebraska.  I think everyone in Nebraska decided to go to the lake that day, but it was all good, because we found our little spot, amongst the jet skis and pickup trucks, and relaxed!  The Lake was fun.  But what was more fun was the name of the town we were staying in…OGALLALA!

Lake “MAC”

We had dinner at this steakhouse where there was Taxidermy everywhere…Sorry PETA.  But the place was opened the day after prohibition ended so there was history behind the place.  Oh, and my dad ate a Rocky Mountain Oyster…(Bull Testicle)  He got a certificate, which is a certificate I have no desire getting.  His commentary on eating the ball… “It’s okay.  A bit chewy.”

I’m a Proud Son.

We got back to Ogallala for the grand firework show, which was actually pretty good.  The whole town was out celebrating the USA by shouting ‘MERICA and shooting off their own fireworks which they purchased at one of the dozens of firework stands set up all over the town.  (Firework Photos Courtesy of My Mom.)

I love being in somewhere beautiful in the USA on the 4th of July…Last year was Yellowstone, and although nothing could top that, Ogallala was pretty cool.

We woke up and drove a little farther north to Carhenge, Nebraska.  A local guy was naturally bored sitting around on his farm, and after getting back from a trip from Stonehenge, he decided to recreate the Wonder of the World with Old Cars… Here was the result.

It’s Raining Cars!

A fun roadside attraction, which, if you can’t tell by now, we are suckers for!


My journey through ‘MERICA continues now!