So we started off the day driving to the Center of the Nation!  (It is in South Dakota, but it is close enough to the border, and I honestly forgot to put it in the SD POST.  Anyways, I think it should just be one big Dakota.)


What is it? It is the geographic center of our damn nation!  It originally was a bit south, but Alaska shifted that up a bit north.  (Remember Alaska?!)

It was a really nice set up.  We found a geocache finally, and we were onward to the big N.D.

More Hay.


More Cows.


And Canyons?


Yep Theodore Roosevelt National Park, home of the painted canyons.  I loved this part of the day.  It was a quiet, semi easy hike, past buffalo chips (Buffalo Doo-Doo), and through these painted canyons.  Whenever the clouds shifted, the colors would change on these canyons.  It looked 1000% better in person.


I was eyeing a mountain, and I decided to climb it.  It was a fun time.


That night we ate at this semi fancy restaurant.  It was really quiet, which never goes over well with me.  I’m a clown.  It was really nice though, and we ate as good as it can get in North Dakota.

The next day we drove to Bismarck because that was the closest airport with a plane that will get us closer to NY.  We saw some of the World’s Biggest Steel Sculptures, and Bismarck’s lame capital building…(Sorry Bismarck, it’s not even worth the trouble of putting in a picture…).  We had one last BBQ meal, and headed home.

Ultimately, this was another successful adventure.  It was not your average trip, but it was an amazing trip.  We saw a lot of different things, we hiked a lot, drove a lot, laughed a lot, took a lot of pictures, and covered 6 more states.

44/50.  Until next time, Just Go & See Something!

We Did It!