As I sit in my backyard, with my feet in a kiddie pool, sipping on ginger ale, and soaking in some sun, I want it to feel like the Bahamas.  But it is definitely not the same.

That is right folks, this summer, our trip begins in the Islands of the Bahamas, (not in some random state, that is for the week after.)…

…to be continued….
..Let me just share my discoveries this vacation..
….. … …..

Listen, at first, I was not going to write posts for this trip, but after some thought, I decided to go for it.  Mostly just for personal reasons, but I always want to inspire others too.  On top of that, I may stretch the fact that I am a travel blogger on my resumes, which is true to an extent, but by no means am I making any money off these words…*yet*

Being a journalism major, I appreciate words, but photography is a true passion of mine.

I have been exploring many different photography outlets lately.  One fan favorite is my One Second Everyday videos, made, obviously, with the help of the app, One Second Everyday.  Since May 11, 2016 I have been taking a one second video of my life, each and every day.  The app’s slogan says it best: Live More, Record Less.

Next concert you are at, look around.  There WILL be more people taking videos than thoroughly enjoying the performance.  We are all guilty of it, because who wouldn’t want to capture their favorite singer singing their favorite song on a beautiful summer day.

Getting back to the point of 1SE, it is a great concept to truly live life to the fullest, each and every day, each and every second.

Last year’s trip I created seconds representing each stop, but this year, I expanded my creativity.  Pointing and shooting a second video is great, and the end result is really cool, but I wanted to captivate my audience, and show them what I see in somewhat real time.  I also wanted to do this with still enjoying every minute of vacation.

So I set a new goal for myself.  By using Instagram’s Story Feature, I was going to tell stories.*  As cool as traditional travel videos are, and as many as I watch on YouTube, they get dragged out and repetitive after a few minutes.  Plus, an amateur like me does not have the proper equipment or editing software to make super compelling videos.

So with my GoPro and iPhone I shot videos, stitched them together, and created a timeline of my vacation.  I love the finished product, and it is posted on my Facebook page and you can watch it below too!

Next post will be back to normal, about places, but maybe this inspired you to tell more stories though art?? That would be cool if it did!

Keep Creating, Sharing & Collaborating.  -A.Savino

*I have to give partial credit to an Instagrammer I have started to follow daily, Jesse Driftwood, for the Insta Story ideas. Check him out please.