Coming up on Discovery Channel: When Sharks (ALMOST) Attack.

Narrator: The two Savino kids are vacationing in the Bahamas and decided to try out Paddle-Boarding.  Both of them got the knack of it pretty fast, until they realized they were paddling with the current, and had gone out a little too far.  They were signaled to come in by the worker, so they slowly made their trek back.  Since they were focused on taking killer GoPro Pics and actually keeping their balance, they failed to notice the whole beach was evacuated.  The rescue boat sped into the water. “Time’s up, guys,” said the driver.  So the kids jumped off their paddle-boards into the shark infested water and climbed up into the boat. They were safe, they just didn’t know what from yet.

Back on the beach, their mother, and professional overreact-er, was a bit panicked.  They returned to the shore just in time before the shark got to them.

*End Preview*

Yeah, I almost got eaten by a shark, nbd.

If you know me, you know sharks are my favorite animal, and Shark Week is the best week of the Summer, so if I knew there was a shark in the water, I probably would have refused to get on the boat until I saw the shark. And who knows, if he took a little nibble out of me, maybe I could have been featured on the Discovery Channel for real! Oh well, get ’em next time.

For a relaxing vacation, we were pretty active.  Our next adventure consisted of a banana boat ride.  It was great, even with my cousin Matthew tilting and bouncing the boat.  But then the boat driver thought it would be a great idea to tip us over, and that spurred mass confusion in the water.  I won’t embarrass my mom in this post and write about her mini panic attack in the water, as she claimed to be getting pulled under the boat when she clearly was perfectly safe with her life jacket on, and she still managed to climb on the banana within a minute.


Then we flew on a trapeze.  Why?  Because it was included in the hotel, so why the hell not?  There was three rules to go on it.  One; you couldn’t be wearing sunscreen.  Two; you couldn’t be wet.  Three; you couldn’t have any alcohol in you.  I only broke 3 of those rules.  Listen, if there is an open bar, and I am sitting on a beach, a margarita or four doesn’t hurt nobody!  Luckily, they didn’t notice I broke all the rules so I climbed up the ladder, grabbed on to the high bar, and flew over the Bahamian Beach, only screwing up by doing Superman the wrong way.  I don’t even know what I was thinking.

Wow. Look At Me Go.

The trip was great otherwise.  At night we would go to the club on the property which was pretty lame, especially since there was a group of High Schoolers there and they were from the glamorous Island of Long…Dot, Dot, Dot…

There was also a casino near by which was so nice.  The gambling age in the Bahamas is 18, but I didn’t spend a single dollar in my pocket.  I signed up for the card, and won $30-something bucks off of my free money they gave me.  #Scam

So the 5 days in the Bahamas was a success.  It was nice to see my cousins from Vegas, and a great way to unwind after a crazy semester.  I rarely was on any type of social media or internet, partially because the wifi was terrible, partially because I was in the damn Bahamas and I didn’t need to talk to anyone!

So, Signing Off For Now.. (The next post is for regularly scheduled content, another road trip through some really random, but really great states.)

Bye-Bye Bahamas!